Our Mission:

To train capable, mature men who desire to preach the gospel, and offer a course of study that will provide a strong biblical foundation on which to build a successful ministry.

Our Objectives:

  • To develop a positive, personal, Christian faith that Jesus is both Lord and Savior. 
  • To enhance a commitment to Scripture as the ultimate source for one’s attitude, belief, and conduct. 
  • To train in the practice of critical thinking concerning biblical and contemporary concerns. 
  • To prepare gospel preachers who can effectively apply knowledge and skills in their service to the church and the community.
  • To foster a desire to assume personal responsibility and fulfill one’s obligation to society.

How Can You Help?

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Southeast is a family—a team of brothers and sisters working together to take the gospel to the world. Graduates, individuals, and congregations form this family. As a member of the team there are many opportunities to contribute: prayers, looking for men who are well suited for ministry, personal donations, encouraging others to contribute, and representing Southeast by telling our story to people everywhere. If you are not yet a part of the family, we are eager to have you join us in service to Jesus.



Support Needs:

  • Student books and other school expenses
  • Cost of living expenses:
  • Housing (we have very affordable housing for 8 singles and 8 married students)
  • Insurance(s)
  • Auto expenses
  • Food and clothing
  • General living costs
  • Student campaigns, lectures, and workshops
  • The Tuition Free Fund to pay expenses usually covered by tuition
  • Special projects to improve Southeast’s effectiveness

Want to Help?

For more information, contact Will Hanstein at whanstein@wedopreaching.com