Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies New Building

Southeast's new construction.

Southeast's new construction.

A Wonderful Opportunity

There are many benefits to a university education. It can enable many married men, beyond the typical college-age, to train for and pursue ministry. It provides well-trained, doctrinally-sound preachers for churches all over the world.


When the Karns congregation decided to expand its auditorium, Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies was presented with a great opportunity. The elders made the decision to piggyback off the auditorium construction, which saved a lot of money in material and construction costs. However, we did not have quite enough money to finish it.


We have completed the first floor of the new school building and are able to hold classes for the men. Our new classrooms are more spacious than the former classrooms, allowing us to accommodate greater numbers of students and a better learning environment. We have been able to expand our library space, which will allow more students to use the library and give us room to increase our library holdings. The upper floor of the school is presently an unfinished space. The cost to complete and furnish the building is $250,000. When completed, the upper floor will significantly increase our office space and provide the faculty and staff with room appropriate for their work, including the room to add additional faculty. From the standpoint of long term usefulness, Southeast’s new building will “outlive” most of us and it’s impact will continue for decades. Southeast’s new facilities will be debt free, allowing the school to invest in training preachers and, through their impact, build the Lord’s kingdom around the world.


We have an anonymous donor that has made a generous offer to us. If we raise $100,000 within a few weeks of our homecoming event of August 19, he will contribute the remaining $150,000 toward our effort. My challenge to you who are the friends of Southeast: help us in raising this $100,000 within the few weeks we have so that we can take advantage of this offer. Will you help us teach “faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:2)?

Will you help us teach “faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:2)?

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