This year, instead of selling CDs during the lectureship we will be offering all lectureship audio recordings for free as MP3 downloads through our website.

All audio recordings will be available by May 16.

To know as soon as they are available, like or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to the Messenger Blog.

What if you want CDs?

Although we encourage you to try using our website first, we will still make CD copies of lectureship audio recordings for those who are unable to easily access the free recordings on our website.

Simply contact Shirley Lyell at (865)-691-7411 and she will assist you in getting CD copies of whatever lectures you would like.

Video Streaming

All lectures in the Karns church of Christ auditorium will be live streamed through our website (via YouTube). Go to to view the stream. Please note that each lecture is its own YouTube video, so be sure to click the "Refresh" button on your browser window as each lecture ends in order to see the next lecture. You can also view these videos using the YouTube app on a number of mobile devices and set-top boxes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (865)-691-7444, or email Daniel Howell, our Technology Coordinator at