We have been working hard on quite a few things lately! We want to take a minute and get you up-to-date on some of the new and exciting parts of our web presence that you might have missed.

Our New Logo and Website

If you haven’t already caught on, you are reading this blog post on our new website, Southeast.Institute. Notice that there’s no “.com” or “.org”—we are taking advantage of the new domain extensions available today. This new website has a lot of handy features, including automatically adjusting itself to be easily viewed on your phone, as well as a store (which will open in the coming months).

Also, check out our new logo and branding:

Along with our new logo and website come a couple of exciting new features…

The Messenger Blog

You are currently reading the very first post on our new blog!

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When classes are in session we will post weekly articles written by our staff. These articles will usually relate to something that our staff are currently teaching, so not only do you get a helpful bit of study material, you get a taste of what our students are learning at Southeast.

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The Overflow Podcast

 The cover art for our new podcast, "The Overflow."

The cover art for our new podcast, "The Overflow."

We are also very excited to announce the start of our very first podcast, called The Overflow. Every other week, Daniel Howell (our Director of Information Technology) will host a conversation with a different staff member about one of their “overflow” points. The first episode will be available later this week.

It is our hope that through these works we cannot only be of service by training preachers, but that we can help encourage, strengthen, and edify all interested members of Christ’s body.

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