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Gospel Preacher - Winter Park, FL

Posted 07/30/18 - South Seminole Church of Christ, Winter Park, FL

Are you looking for a congregation to work with as an associate preacher? If you’re between ages 21 and 35, married or single, and would eventually like to do full-time work, call us at 407-657-0657 and ask for Gary. We are a congregation of 80 members in Central Florida and offer a salary and further training in a sound, supportive environment.  Church site: 


Gospel Preacher - Pontotoc, MS

Posted 07/27/18 - Pontotoc Church of Christ, Pontotoc, MS

The Pontotoc, Mississippi church of Christ is searching for a preacher. This northeast Mississippi congregation is a group of just over 100 members with a large youth group. Their current preacher has been at Pontotoc for about six years and is leaving on good terms to accept a work closer to family. This is a stable congregation that is looking for a preacher who will help them connect with God and others, and connect others with God. We are looking for someone who can help us grow in our understanding of God’s word, exhort us spiritually, and encourage us on our earthly journey. The successful person will have at least five years pulpit experience. A married man with older children is desired, but not required. The congregation will provide a 3 bedroom house. Compensation will be in accord with experience and need.

Interested individuals can contact Kyle Eubank at, phone: 662-306-1962 or Gordon Gentry at, phone: 662-231-3967


Gospel Preacher - Fairview, WV

Posted 07/26/18 - Pumpkin Center Church of Christ, Fairview, WV

The Pumpkin Center church, a congregation about 60 without elders, is looking for a preacher.

Duties include, but are not limited to: preaching/teaching, visiting members with special needs at their homes and in hospitals, highly active in community outreach and personal evangelism, working with and supporting our youth, is organized and preaches the Bible and must be dedicated to the spiritual development of the congregation. House and Utilities are Included. 

Pumpkin Center Church of Christ
18 Darrah Lane
Fairview, WV 26570

For more information, please contact Timothy Gump • • 304-629-3726


Gospel Preacher - Durham, NC

Posted 07/26/18 - Durham Church of Christ, Durham, NC

The Durham Church of Christ is located in Durham NC in the region known as the Triangle.  Durham has approximately 300,000 people but the congregations of the Lord’s church are few in number.

Durham is an attractive place that draws new residents for its culture and food.  It has been written about in publications like the NY Times and others, and was recently named the best city for millennials in the United States.  It’s also home to several universities including Duke and North Carolina Central.

The Durham Church of Christ is looking for a preacher to help evangelize to these residents, spreading the gospel with hopes of growing the Lord’s Church.  Candidates should be sound and have the ability to relate to a congregation of 48 people, including children.

The building the congregation owns has plenty of classrooms and seating  for 225 in the auditorium.  There is a heated baptistery and an office for the preacher to use for preparing lessons or teaching the lost.

The salary range is approximately $50K.  The following criteria should serve as a guide for preachers to consider:

  • Willing to work with the men of the congregation until qualified men volunteer to shepherd the congregation.
  • Willing to preach twice on Sunday and teach on Sundays and Wednesdays on a rotational basis.
  • Willing to give a devotional on Wednesdays on a rotational basis
  •  Willing to prepare a weekly bulletin

Please submit resume and two sermons to:

Durham church of Christ
5224 Wake Forest Highway
Durham NC 27703

You can also send an email to


Gospel Preacher - Barnwell, SC

Posted 06/13/18 - Barnwell Church of Christ, Barnwell, SC

The Barnwell church of Christ in Barnwell SC, is in need of a preacher. No office hours are required, allowing time for secular work, if desired. We have about 30 in attendance. We have a house available with three bed rooms that can be made available. Salary range is between $500 and $700 a week. 

Contact/send resumes to Wayne Inabinett at or call 803-709-2693.


Gospel Preacher - Lewisburg, WV

Posted 06/06/18 - Lewisburg Church of Christ, Lewisburg, WV

The Lewisburg Church of Christ in Lewisburg, WV is seeking a minister.  We are a congregation with about 80 in attendance.

Please contact Roger Dilley by email at or call Sam Banton the elder overseeing the hiring process at 304-497-0894. 


House Parents - Cookeville, TN

Posted 05/16/18 - Opening For House Parents at Happy Haven.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for a Christian couple to serve in this ministry. The wife would be salaried as the house mother and the husband could work off campus, preach locally, etc.

You can learn more about Happy Haven Homes at their website. Employment applications are available here.

Both husband and wife must fill out applications as the first step in order to be considered.
Please contact Houston Bynum, Administrator, at 931-526-2052 or via email at


Gospel Preacher - Mocksville, NC

Posted 05/16/18 - The Jericho Church of Christ seeks a full time minister due to retirement of present minister. We are located in a rural setting next to Carolina Bible Camp near Mocksville, NC.

The congregation is served by three elders and five deacons. Average attendance is 130-140. We are an active congregation seeking a biblically sound minister with good communication and interpersonal skills, who relates well with youth and middle-aged members, and whose strong marriage includes a wife active in church work. He is expected to minister to the flock, visit the sick and elderly, officiate weddings and funerals, conduct home Bible studies, and provide community outreach.

We desire someone with a positive outlook, outgoing personality, strong organizational skills, and the desire for church growth. We offer a competitive salary based on experience, education, and training.

Submit your resume to and visit us at Jericho Today


Gospel Preacher - Kennesaw, GA

Posted 05/16/18 - The Church of Christ in north Cobb is seeking a full time minister.

We are located at 885 Shiloh Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144, in a densely populated suburban area of Kennesaw, GA just a few blocks from one of the largest universities in the state.

We have an average attendance of 40-50 on Sunday morning. While we are not currently under an eldership we have been in the past and hope to reestablish this in the future.

A candidate for this position must be willing to relocate and maintain office hours at the building. A general scope of the work would include two Bible studies and two sermons a week along with involvement in outreach programs.

We are looking for someone with enthusiasm who demonstrates a passion for evangelism, fellowship, and involvement in good works. If you are interested in applying please send your resume and reference sheet to the above address. We will contact you and request that you would review a more detailed job description and return a questionnaire concerning church doctrine. If selected for an interview, we will request for you to deliver a class and sermon before the congregation. Thank you for your interest and may God bless you in whatever work you choose in Him.

Site: North Cobb Church of Christ


Gospel Preacher - Hemphill, TX

The Hemphill church of Christ is presently seeking a full-time gospel preacher for their small but dedicated membership of about 40 individuals with average attendance of 35 to 50 people. They furnish a 3- bedroom, 2 1/2 bath brick home located about one mile from the church building, and a really nice office in the building for the preacher. Salary is negotiable and competitive.

Applicants please send detailed resume, along with a picture to: Hemphill Church of Christ • P.O. Box 1923 • Hemphill, TX 75948

Questions - contact or 409.787.2625 and leave a message. 


Gospel Preacher - Anchorage, AK

Posted 01/16/18 - Our congregation is looking for another preacher to add to the one we have, if you hear of anyone looking for a job and is adventurous enough to move to Alaska! We are about 320 people and seem to be growing.  For further information:


Gospel Preacher - Doyle, TN

Posted 01/21/18 - The church of Christ in Doyle, Tennessee, is in need of a preacher. No office hours are required, allowing time for secular work, if desired. The Doyle congregation is located between Cookeville and McMinnville, Tennessee. We have about 40 in attendance. We have a house available with three bed rooms and an office. For more information or questions contact Kenneth Neal: or 931.657.5378.


Gospel Preacher - Selinsgrove, PA

Posted 02/14/18 - The Susquehanna Valley Church of Christ located in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania is currently looking for an evangelist. We are a congregation of around 100. We are open to adapt our search and job description to a man’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. We are considering candidates for this position as either a  full or part-time role. The salary range for this position is somewhere in the $50,000 range. We will be considering all candidates. Please contact Steve Slotter at 570.850.6300  or email us at to discuss this position.