The five lectureships that will comprise this theme seek to develop the different stages in the life of a person who comes to Christ.  The theme in 2014 was “Lost: Needing Jesus,” which dealt with the condition of those outside of Christ.  The theme in 2015 was “Faith: Responding to Jesus,” which dealt with how a person answers the call of Christ and acquires salvation.

 The theme for 2016 is “Grow: Becoming Like Jesus.”  This theme will explore what a person does once he becomes a Christian and how he matures in Christ.  This will be a great lectureship and we hope you will be a part of it.  We look forward to seeing you here!

*NOTE: If you intend to print the lectureship flyer yourself, please download the file to your personal computer, then open and print it. This will ensure the best results when you print.

Recording and Streaming

We are pleased to be able to live-stream every auditorium lecture through our YouTube channel. Easy access to these videos will be found on the home page of our website during the week of the lectureship. 

Every session will also have an audio recording. We are no longer selling copies of audio CDs, but are instead offering those recordings as mp3 files free of charge through our website. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out when the recordings are posted.

Lectureship Book

2016 Lectureship book cover

2016 Lectureship book cover

Following the pattern of the previous two years’ lectureships, this year’s lectureship book will be available as a study book. Books will be for sale during the week of the lectures, but you may also purchase a book by contacting our office (865-691-7444). Also, we do have books available from previous years if you would like to purchase the earlier books in the series.

The 2016 lectureship book will also be available April 1, 2016 in Kindle format from for $4.99. At the same time, the 1977-2016 Southeast/East Tennessee lectureship books in PDF format will be available from for $25.00. For more information, contact Tom Childers at

Area Hotels

  • Best Western—420 N. Peters Rd.; (865)-539-0058
  • Holiday Inn Express—816 N. Campbell Station Rd.; (865)-966-2500
  • Super 8 Motel North/Powell—323 E. Emory Rd.; (865)-938-5501
  • Hampton Inn Suites North/I-75—5411 Pratt Rd.; (865)-689-1011

Additional Information

For general questions about the lectureship, contact Will Hanstein at

For information about being an exhibitor at our lectureship, please contact Jeni Hanstein at

Check back often for more information about our coming lectureship, or keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter.